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Feminist Movement

No to the discrimination of Woman, by all means and with no delay

Albania adheres in the Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Woman Discrimination since 1993, a year when the Albanian Parliament approved it by the Law 7767/1993 and thus this Convention was accepted as a part of the native legislation. ...

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Speech of the representative of UN IN the national conference of the feminist movement

Thank you very much for the invitation to the United Nations Refugee Agency to be represented here at this conference. It gives me the opportunity to share with you some thoughts on the need to provide protection of human rights to women and girls...

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Declaration of the extended forum of the Albanian feminist movement's activists

The national initiative for the reconciliation of families and liberation without any conditions of isolated children and women, started on May 22, 2003, has enabled 670 families involved in conflict in the southern districts to resolve the confli...

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The Resolution of the national conference, for the encouragement of the feminist movement

The National Conference “For Encouraging Albanian Feminist Movement” against violence, exploitation and masculinist ruling, was held on November 23rd 2002, organised by the National Wide Reconciliation Committee upon proposal of 122 wo...

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